What is EOS electric vehicle connectivity platform

  1. EOS is a software middleware that connects Electrical Vehicles to sharing and fleet management platforms.
  2. Our focus is connect electric vehicles manufacturers to the principal Sharing platforms. We have expertise and know-how how to connect a electrical vehicle in less than one month.
  3. EOS provided a SLA for sharing business of 99.5%.
  4. EOS don’t manage user data, your user data is in your platform or in the sharing/fleet platform that you selected.
  5. EOS like integrate new vehicles in our platform. This is our main expertise, research the can bus data and connect to the cloud.
  6. EOS are an API Oriented company, our api is documented in  EOS API Docs
  7. EOS  are a SASS product.  You have all the complete product and EOS implement new features and improve the core product.
  8. EOS is a subscription based SASS platform. You only pay for active devices, if you don’t make money because you don’t operate the fleet we don’t ask for money.

Feel free to contact with us for sharing ideas at hello@eosconnectivity.com