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Eos Connectivity is the next-generation connected mobility platform. We empower mobility operators and OEMs with our API-centric solutions.

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News & Events

November 21, 2023

Eos Connectivity at SMART CITY 2023

This year’s edition of the Smart City Expo 2023 has been very interesting as always. We, from…

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March 10, 2023

Eos Connectivity at Mobile World Congress 2023

It’s MWC Edition 2023. Eos is thankful to Barcelona Activa and the City Council of Barcelona for…

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November 17, 2022

Eos Connectivity at SMART CITY 2022

EOS participated at SMART CITY EXPO 2022 Edition Barcelona! We want to thanks all those who have…

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Battle-tested connectivity API

Smooth and fast integration process. Integrate your fleet with our platform in days, not weeks or months.

Devoted support

We are perfectionists, we won't stop until all your requirements are fulfilled.

Connected solution

Focus on your mobility business and leave the technical part of vehicle connectivity and control to us.

What we do.

We deliver a comprehensive vehicle telematics solution that adds an enormous amount of value to your business.

Strong Skills.

Thanks to our partnership with Astra Telematics, the leading vendor of telematics devices to OEMs and mobility operators, we are able to deliver integration projects swiftly, so you can focus on adding value to your product.


How we do it.

We give you all the tools you need to build your own functionalities and use-cases on top of our system. Our platform is API-centric; that means you can use our API to operate your fleet however you like!

If you don’t have a development team, we will happily customize our turnkey solution to your needs.

24/7 for you.

Our team is always ready to support your day by day needs. Plus, we are constantly monitoring the status of our systems so that there are no disruptions.